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  • Highway Industry

    Durability and reliability are of the utmost importance in choosing off-highway bearings. Field failures can be devastating, we understands that its customers expect highest quality components to guarantee equipment runs efficiently extreme ...  More>>
  • Robotics & Automation Bearings

    The use of robotics and automation continues to grow more prevalent across industries, particularly in manufacturing, as companies are realizing the full potential its ability reduce costs, boost production deliver greater efficiency ...  More>>
  • Handheld Power Tools

    Hand held power tools are an $11 billion industry in the US and a $26 worldwide, with strong consumer professional segments. It is crucial that components within these products meet exceed standards to ensure they perform as designed, ball bearings play ...  More>>
  • Cement

    Cement is one of the World's most important building materials – and its production severe processing environments, so demands outstanding performance. WBJF bearings provide related industries with reliability, sustainability toughness required ...  More>>
  • Mining

    These industries combine the challenges of harsh environments, extremely high load capacities and need to operate where downtime is not an option. are bearing intensive operations whether it be for a bucket wheel, tunnel borer, vibrating screen, conveyor ...  More>>
  • Gearing

    Bearing Solutions for the Industrial Transmission IndustryIndustrial includes Gearboxes, PTO, Speed Reducers and Winches. Whether application is running under low, high or mis-aligned loading conditions, We offers catalog customized solutions. Deep ...  More>>
  • Metallurgical

    Wire FormingThe use of grooved bearings and straighteners is an essential part the wire forming process. Many these are available with oversized O.D.’s which provide longer life stability.Metal RecyclingMetal Recycling requires that have high load ...  More>>
  • Petrochemical

    From oil and gas, to chemical processing, waste water treatment, power generation, paper mining-there are pumps compressors working behind the scenes around clock. Most applications utilize ball cylindrical roller bearings. They designed withstand ...  More>>
  • Paper Making

    At every point in the process of going from pulp to print these bearings have meet highest standards. In initial phase creating paper rolling a machine must extreme requirements: Moisture, very high temperatures, shaft deflections, speeds and long running ...  More>>