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InquiryBrandBearing No.Qty
DAC NN3022K/  99
DAC NN3021K/P42 1
DAC NN3020K/  771
DAC NN3020K/P4W33 1
DAC NN3020K/P2 3
DAC NN3019K/ W33 96
DAC NN3019K/ 2W33 2
DAC NN3019K/  586
DAC NN3018K/ 2 36
DAC NN3017K/ W33 210
DAC NN3017K/ 2 1
DAC NN3017K/  472
DAC NN3016K/  297
DAC NN3016/P4 19
DAC NN3015K/  419
DAC NN3015K/P4W33 92
DAC NN3015K/P4 4
DAC NN3014K/ W33 350
DAC NN3014K/  361
DAC NN3013K/P4W33 1
Spiral Roller Bearing
Spiral Roller Bearing
  • Spiral Roller Bearing
  • Spiral Roller Bearing

Spiral Roller Bearing

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Radial spiral roller bearings are designed to carry only radial loads, without fxing the shaft in the axial direction. They can accommodate impact loads and are not very sensitive to contamination. Their load rating is twice less than that of bearings with cylindrical rollers. They can operate at low rotational speed.

Bearings with spiral rollers are manufactured with outer,  inner rings and cage with a set of rollers of 5000, 3005000, 15000, 3015000 types. Bearings of 5000, 3005000 types are manufactured with extended inner ring, with a slot for fxing the bearing on  the shaft, which makes bearing mounting (dismounting) easier and also prevents inner ring turning on the shaft. Rollers are produced by winding on a belt with rectangular cross section.